About Us

Welcome to Prediction 2020 (https://prediction2020.com/), My Name is Dheeraj Nath I am dedicated to giving you the very best knowledge of Astrology with a focus Sports Prediction.

The Prediction 2020 websites made for the purpose of information about all the sports, outdoor reports like jobs, exams and all the unknown facts which we don’t know what to do in life. The prediction is meant to know what is going to be next which we don’t know in the future. This site is helpful to know about the future because many people believe in the Vedas, tarot card and many other spiritual activities which help in self-satisfaction in their life that would help in life.

About The Services:

Our service is to help others by giving our Knowledge to many people by talking or by other means like social media to know what kind of Problem he/she facing and then giving them a right and a piece of useful advice that helps them to stress-free and clear vision.

We check the circumstances of the people to give them better advice according to their regions that make it simple to know what to do when we face the problem. This site is meant for giving the best knowledge because I have done practice with Acharyas, Saint, and Hindus Priest.


[Dheeraj Nath]